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45 Part Time Jobs To Make Some Extra Money In 2020!

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Written by Ryan Scribner
Updated on November 16, 2019

45 Best Part-Time Jobs

Maybe you have a little time leftover from your regular job or have decided to get creative and avoid the doldrums by mixing two part-time gigs instead of logging in 40 hours a week at the same desk.

Or maybe your wallet is looking pretty thin these days. Or all of the above.

Take heart! There are so many options out there for interesting work with good pay in the form of part-time jobs.

Below are 45 part-time jobs worth taking a closer look:

1. Stock Trader

Some of us have dabbled in stock trading, but the high commissions on trading
have stopped many of us in our tracks. Today, there’s Webull, a commission-free
stock and ETF trading platform that’s a great way for many investors to expand
their wealth.

Experts designed Webull for active traders looking for a more dynamic user
interface than most free platforms are offering. It has outstanding features
specifically for traders, like technical indicators, research ratings, financial
calendars and more.

Not an experienced trader? No worries! Webull has you covered. If you’re a
beginner just getting your feet wet in the stock market, paper trading is the first
baby step to take. The exclusive Webull trading simulator lets you practice trading
without using real money. You use Monopoly (fake) money to trade just like you
would with actual currency. You’ll rev up your knowledge and confidence as you
test drive trading strategies, all without taking a direct hit to your wallet.

With easy access to margin, research tools and live data, experts designed Webull
for people who are actively trading, rather than long-term passive investors.

Ready for the best part? Investing Simple readers get a Free Stock with this link if they open an account and fund it with $100 or more!

2. Airbnb

Rent out your house, apartment or a single room on Airbnb. Jump on the bandwagon of this new craze, which benefits both travelers and property owners. Sure, it’s ideal to live near a beach, ski resort or other touristy area, but there are plenty of people wanting a night’s stay near a city, their kid’s college, or an event like a family reunion. There may be some costs incurred during the set-up phase (after all, you’ll need a full set of towels, extra sheets, kitchen ware etc.), but you can run the business yourself.

Sign Up Here to Become an Airbnb Host

Remember, your goal is to earn your place a 5-star rating and you a designation as a “super host,” so go all out to make it unique. Stock the fridge with OJ and eggs for breakfast. Put out fancy soaps. Ditto for a walking map of the community and any places you recommend for dinner or a show. Set a competitive rate, and your place will earn a positive cash flow you can rely on.

3. Invest In Real Estate

In the past, only rich people could afford to buy into real estate ventures. Fast
forward to today, when the field is wide open to anyone with the smarts to
recognize the possibilities of pocketing some big bucks.

Crowdsourcing is an alternative way to pool money to fund a project by raising
small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via social media
platforms. Crowdsourcing worldwide raises billions of dollars each year, with the
platform picking up speed as more people opt in.

Not only do you NOT need to be rolling in money to buy into real estate through
crowdfunding; you also don’t need to be an expert in being in charge of properties.
You know, fixing leaky pipes, collecting rent, etc. A team of experts will oversee
the daily grind of the projects. Your only task is checking your earnings
statements, and deciding which project you want to join next.

You can jump on the bandwagon and become part of the crowdsourcing phenom at
Fundrise. The average Fundrise investors are in their 30s, and while the median
initial investment is $4,500, you can open a starter portfolio for just $500.
Fundrise charges a fee of just 1 percent per year. There are no other hidden or front
load fees with Fundrise. It’s an ideal way to get into the game of crowdsourcing
real estate.

4. Become An Online English Tutor

One of the best and most rewarding ways to start making money from home is by
online tutoring. VIPKid is a great program that connects English speaking tutors
with children in China looking to learn English.

All from the comfort of your own home, you will teach students via one-on-one
tutoring sessions. The best part? On average, you will earn $14 to $22 an hour
based on your skill level.

Most importantly, you do not need to speak any foreign languages or have
previous teaching experience.

There are a handful of qualifications to tutor:

  • You need a bachelor’s degree from the US or Canadian college.
  • You’ll need some prior experience with children, but this could be
    babysitting, coaching, tutoring, etc.
  • Lessons require high-speed internet and a webcam.

VIPKid is the leading online tutoring site out there today. Forbes magazine
even recognized them recently as the number one work from home opportunity.

Another option for tutoring online is Education First. They specialize in language
training, educational travel, academic degree programs and cultural exchanges.
They are also looking for people interested in teaching English to children in
China. The average teaching session is 20 to 45 minutes to a group of 5 to 6
students. There are also private one-on-one sessions available.

Put your creativity and patience to good use by signing up to teach children the
English language online!

5. Get Paid For Shopping

Shopping is a way to spend money, correct?

Well, now there’s a way to EARN money shopping! No, you didn’t read that
wrong. You can earn back cash or gift cards for what you spend on a daily basis.
These pay-back apps could not be simpler to use and have tons of perks.

Ibotta lets you earn rebates and coupons by simply purchasing products and then
sending in a photo of the items you purchased, linking a loyalty card, or making
mobile in-app purchases.

Professional coupon clippers absolutely love using Ibotta because you can stack
discounts. For example, you could have a store coupon and Ibotta rebate on the
same product, you can stack these offers for a fantastic discount.

When you use Ibotta and earn rebates, you have a few methods for cashing out.
First, you can receive payment via PayPal or Venmo. Or, if you prefer, you can
buy gift cards directly through the app for places you frequent, such as CVS,
Walgreens, Price Chopper and Trader Joe’s.

ReceiptPal is another new app that rewards you for your spending habits. All you
have to do is take a quick pic of receipts, one at a time, and load them into the app.
Receipts can be from any retailer/store for things you buy at convenience stores,
travel and entertainment, restaurants, grocery stores, clothing stores, sporting
goods stores, electronics stores, gas stations, car dealerships, online retailers, etc.

As your points build-up, you’ll start pocketing gift cards from retailers like
Amazon, Visa, Walmart, Lowes, and many others in $5 increments.
As an added benefit, ReceiptPal stores your receipts on the app in a secure
location, giving you easy access to track your spending

6. School Bus Driver

Most school districts have a difficult time finding enough drivers, and openings pop up at any time during the school year. Drivers are given complete training and then work around 20 hours a week or even less. Your hours will likely be the first thing in the a.m. and again for a few hours in the later afternoon, so you can plan your other workaround that sked. Pay scales average around $15 per hour, and you may have plenty of school holidays and the whole summer off for other pursuits.

7. Bank Teller

There are also frequent openings for tellers, and in financial institutions, there are plenty of opportunities to move ahead up the ladder from your starting position. Pay is good and even as a part-timer, you could have the option of contributing to a retirement account (No, it’s not too early to start planning for your retirement!) You will quickly get up to speed handling money and your math skills will increase exponentially. As an added Bonus: you can make your own hours and even work weekends so you can fit this part-time job into your schedule with your regular full-time job. Also, you’re likely to get plenty of free pens.

8. Private Tutor

If your chemistry skills are above par or you know the books “Lord of the Flies” and “To Kill a Mockingbird” (which you read and critiqued way back in high school and are still part of the English curriculum) this part-time job is for you. It can be easily done online, but you can typically charge more if you go to your student’s home or even work at a public place such as the library.

Since this job is done in evenings or weekends, this is a good choice if you’re adding a part-time job to your daytime 9 to 5 job. Personal tutors can rake in as much as $30 per hour, making this a stellar option if you’re willing to crack the books and are patient correcting grammar and spelling. Be prepared to proofread and edit your student’s work so it’s perfect, or use note cards to quiz on the table of elements.

9. Editor

Speaking of proofreading, editing is a great option because you can work your own schedule, as long as you meet or beat all your deadlines. Night owl? Brew up a fresh pot of coffee and burn the midnight oil. Early riser? Do the coffee thing and edit docs before you head to your 9 to 5 job. Build up a steady group of clients through social media marketing and word-of-mouth, and you can earn an excellent hourly rate. Since this is done online, if you work accurately and efficiently, this can be the ideal part-time job for you. As an added bonus, you may be inspired to do your own creative or non-fiction writing!

10. Landscaper

Love being outdoors? Landscaping is a fantastic part-time gig because there’s work in all seasons. In summer, you’ll be hired to mow and trim bushes; there are plenty of leaves to rake in fall (no jumping in the piles allowed!) and sidewalks/driveways requiring snow removal in winter.

Again, you can set your own hours and do the bulk of the work in summer and fall on weekends to rake in the highest pay. Design eye-catching business cards to distribute and watch your client list blossom.

11. Home/Office/Church/School Cleaner

There are almost unlimited places that need cleaners, from private homes to high schools. Pop an ad up on social media and you’ll soon have lots of messages from homeowners, church pastors and business people looking for cleaning services.

School cleaners and office help typically work nights, and you can squeeze in-home cleaning during the day when clients are at work. Piece together a small group of customers for a part-time job that makes sense to you and your schedule.

12. Office/Administrative Assistant

From making travel plans to scheduling meetings, this assistant to business people is a great part-time gig. Some assistants even work from home. You can bring in optimum pay if you snag a boss that’s a CEO in a larger company, earning around $15 to $25 per hour. Note: you will likely need to work regular business hours, so plan accordingly.

13. Mail Delivery

Did you know mail carriers average about 20 hours a week? If you are interested in being outdoors, getting lots of exercises and working independently, this job is for you.

Even though this is a part-time job, with pay around $20 an hour, you’ll see money delivered to your bank account that really adds up. Bonus: you can save money by canceling your gym membership because all that walking will keep you fit!

14. Dental Hygienist

If you’re willing to go back to school to earn an Associate’s Degree, this low-stress, high demand job allows you to set your own hours and also the number of hours you work each day. Many dental businesses look specifically for part-time help. You will always have nights and weekends off and can earn a smile-worthy $35 an hour.

15. Makeup Artist

Always had a way with eyeliner and contouring? Master the art of cosmetics and you can work at a store offering makeovers or work on your own with clients who want to look their best for special occasions like parties, reunions and weddings. Be sure to take pics to develop your own portfolio and ask happy clients for testimonials praising your work.

Want to fill a niche? Make special effects makeup your particular specialty, and offer your services to local theaters for live performances. Practice ghoulish faces like vampires with pointed teeth, zombies or garish green witch faces, and you will be booking clients like crazy around Halloween. Scare up some significant extra cash with these ideas!

16. Yoga Instructor

Study for your yoga license and open your own business to teach classes, or work with small groups or individuals on this form of exercise and relaxation that’s become highly sought and is all the rage these days. Both physically toning and mentally soothing, yoga is being embraced by people wanting to escape the stress of everyday life. As an added bonus, you’ll get into the best shape of your life teaching classes! Time to say “namaste” and learn this art to teach to others wanting to slow down their fast-paced stressful daily life.

17. Entrepreneur

There are so many ways to work part-time in developing your own niche business. Artsy? Create a brand and sell anything from painted sneakers to hand-stitched placements on sites such as Etsy. Got an idea for something that will improve peoples’ lives? Have a gadget you’d love to develop? Take the plunge and follow your dreams as an entrepreneur. If you’re committed and willing to put in the time and effort, you can watch your home-based small business grow and flourish.

18. Baker

Many successful bakers launched a business starting with just a handful of recipes for homemade pies and cakes. You will need to set up a certified commercial kitchen that meets health department standards, but once up and running, you can bake your specialty gourmet cheesecake, frosted cookies, and shortbreads and even offer delivery as part of the service. Some churches and fraternal lodges have commercial-grade kitchens they may be willing to rent out to you. Watch this sweet business grow, and you can turn it into a full-time job running your own bakery.

19. Pet Care

From dog walking to dog washing, this job always has a high demand. In today’s busy world, lots of business people seek dog walkers during the day, or even while they’re away on vacation. Some even hire dog lovers to go socialize with this much-loved member of their family. You can also offer pet washing and grooming at peoples’ homes. Or try a “take a pet to the vet” service to relieve owners of the stressful job of keeping Fido’s shots up to date. If you’re an animal lover, this part-time job is a walk in the park.

20. In Home Care

You will need to sign on with a professional service to take on this job, but there is high demand for people to provide home care for older adults. Your tasks will likely include light housekeeping and/or meal planning and cooking, but your main job duty will be spending time with an elderly adult, socializing and ensuring their safety. Be sure to have pristine references for your background. If you’re compassionate and want to work with people, this caring part-time job could grow into full-time work as you take on a roster of clients.

21. Realtor

Brush up on your sales skills and get your realty license, and you’re in business. Sure, you will spend a good amount of time showing homes, but commissions are high when you make a sale. Sign on with a reputable realty company and start hustling. Most people browsing home listings want to set up tours over the weekends, so this is an ideal gig to add to your full-time weekday job.

22. Test Monitor

This is a no-stress job that pays a decent hourly wage. From civil service tests to college exams, monitors keep an eye on what’s going on in the classroom to ensure rules are being followed and to time test completion. You will be paid by the hour for this easy peasy gig. Check with local school districts and colleges to start.

23. Grocery Store Brand Rep

This is another low stress part-time job because it doesn’t involve actual sales. Instead, you offer samples and hand out coupons for everything from Kellogg Cereals to Doritos to boost their business. Sure, you may need to wear an apron, but you can work your own schedule and even test the samples yourself.

24. Customer Service Reps

Places like visitor’s centers, museums, convention halls and hotels are always looking for guest service reps to handle everything from greeting people to leading tours. At conventions, you can be a scheduler and event organizer for any gatherings you choose, making this a part-time job that will keep you challenged and on the go.

25. Survey Caller

No one likes to answer the phone for a cold call from someone with a pushy sales pitch, but answering surveys is an entirely different thing. You can be hired by any number of companies to do surveys on peoples’ likes and dislikes that provide valuable feedback about a product or service. There may be a call center, but chances are good you can conduct surveys from home, making this ideal for setting your own hours.

26. Parking Attendant

Sure, you will have to sit in a small booth, but hey, at least you’re not on your feet for hours at a time. Ticket booth operators may also need to make change and deal with a few cranky people when you tell them the lot is full, but in general this is a low-stress part-time job that has the added benefit of working independently without anyone looking over your shoulder.

27. Retail

You can easily name your own hours in this high-demand job. Pick a store with brands you like to take advantage of the worker’s discount. Many store workers simply greet people and offer to help them shop, or work the cash register. You don’t necessarily get involved with pushing sales on people that may be undecided. Another plus: you can work evenings or weekends at your discretion, so this job can easily be fit in with a full-time job. Seasonal work around the holidays is always available, and you will get your fill of piped-in Christmas music while you work.

28. Restaurant Host/Seater

Pick your favorite chain or independent eatery and apply for a host/hostess job. This is different from waitressing, which is a stressful, labor intensive job. Hosts and hostesses generally greet people, lead them to a table and hand out menus. Time will fly by in this fast-paced job and you may even be offered discounted or free meals as a staff member. Like many others on this list, this job is flexible and you can likely pick and choose your days and hours.

29. Social Media Marketing

Many people don’t know the difference between a Tweet and a Facebook post, or what Instagram even involves. Whether they want to learn these skills for a small business or for keeping in touch with family and friends, you can use your knowledge and experience with social media to teach others lacking understanding and practice. There are plenty of technology shy people out there too embarrassed to ask for help but willing to work privately with someone who knows their stuff. Leverage the social media know how you already have into a great consulting gig.

30. Continuing Education Instructor

This is a fantastic night job with compressed hours, typically fall, winter and spring. Are you an avid coin collector? Pickle ball player? Guitarist? Dog trainer? Financial planner? No matter what your particular skill set, it’s a good bet you can teach small groups of adults via continuing education night courses. School districts are always looking to add new and exciting classes to their roster, so put together a curriculum and submit it for approval. Bonus: you will never be nervous about public speaking again!

31. Lifeguard

Yes, you will need to become certified, but think of the great shape you will be in afterwards. You can work outside during the summer and inside at gym or school pools in colder months, and rates of pay are high. Try this out and expect a flood of job offers coming your way.

Part-time gigs require flexibility and the willingness to think outside the box to seek work that’s in high demand. But once you’re in the groove of your 20-hour or less a week job, you will see your income soaring.

32. Pool Cleaner

Speaking of water, if you don’t see yourself blowing a whistle to stop small children from running on the deck, consider a part-time job cleaning pools. This is one of the most convenient part-time jobs out there, because you can set your own work sked and even the number of clients you can juggle alongside your day job. It’s seasonal work, and as an added bonus, you’ll come away with an enviable tan.

33. Online Surveys

We all have thoughts and opinions about products and services, and those
impressions count to merchandisers! Now, sharing your impressions can earn you
money in just a little bit of time. Taking surveys online is fast and easy, and the
more you do, the faster your money will grow.

You’re a consumer, right? Companies value your insights and want to know how
they can make their products/services even more attractive. When you fill out
surveys online, you’re providing feedback they can’t get elsewhere. It’s basically a

Opinion Outpost is a great one to start out with. How popular is it? They have
more than 500,000 active members who are completing surveys around the clock,

Don’t worry about being surveyed about products you’ve never used, like vitamins
for Seniors when you’re only 30, or dog treats if you don’t even have a pet. When
you sign up, Opinion Outpost will ask for info like your birthday, ethnicity, race
and zip code. Then, surveys will be about things you can relate to easily and won’t
involve guesswork.

Once you finish up your first online survey, you’ll be earning points that can be
redeemed later for cash via PayPal, or for gift cards to top brands like Amazon and

You can also check out another popular choice, MySoapBox! This is a market
research company that rewards you for commenting on what you like and don’t
like about certain goods and services. These products are things you would use on
a typical day. With MySoapBox!, you can only earn gift cards, but the good news
is, there are hundreds to choose from, like Home Depot, Target, Groupon and
Whole Foods, as well as tons of popular restaurants.

A few minutes a day completing online surveys could mean some extra spending
money on the side.

34. Food Delivery

Gone are the days when the only places offering fast food deliveries were pizza joints. Today, most restaurants do a steady to-go business, and would relish the chance to have a delivery person to add an additional charge to hungry customers. For the price of gas and using MapQuest, you can maneuver your way through town delivering everything from breakfast sandwiches to burgers to grilled chicken salads. You’re likely to earn a minimum pay rate per hour, but think of the potential for tips!

35. Traveling Salon Business

Most women (and men as well) struggle to find time to get to the salon for a trim, to have their roots touched up, mani or pedi, or eyebrow shaping. You will need esthetician training, but once established, you can expect your phone to ring off the hook with clients. You may wish to market your on-site services to retirement communities so that you can make appointments with a whole list of clients in one day. As a bonus, you will learn how to make friendly small talk, because isn’t that part of a stylist’s job description?

36. Freelance Blogger

You will want to create buzz about your services, so do some sample blogging for free to start, then get happy clients to write testimonials or give you high scores online. Once you’ve gotten your name out there, you can set your own hours writing about everything from organic gardening to making a budget to raising healthy pets. All it takes to be a great freelance blogger is the willingness to learn new things, sublime attention to detail, and creativity.

Every blog will differ in tone. For example, a financial planning blog may be conservative, while a blog on gluten-free snacks would tend to be more easy going. You will need to grasp the tone of your client and effectively speak that language, but once learned, you will be golden. Bonus: you will hone your skills as a writer and editor, making you an ideal candidate for part-time tutoring or proofreading.

37. Mover

People are constantly on the move these days, whether that means a new house or new office site, they can’t haul it all themselves or expect family and friends to shoulder the heavy lifting. Grab a couple friends and offer your services as movers available by the hour or by the day. Busy people will pay a tidy sum to have you move their dressers, filing cabinets and coffee tables. It goes without saying you will have to be careful with everything you handle, but for a job well done, you can expect a hefty tip as well as repeat business.

38. Crafter on Etsy

Like to stitch cloth pumpkins? Make eucalyptus autumn wreaths? Children’s clothes? Glazed pottery pieces? Silver jewelry? Whatever your talent, people are always looking for hand-crafted items for themselves or to give as gifts. Etsy is the perfect marketplace for showing your wares, with tons of visitors hourly. Take a look at what’s on the site and see if you can find a niche to fill. Make your items seasonal, from Santa to summer sunflowers, and you will have customers coming back all throughout the year.

39. Handyman

Good with a wrench? Fixed a leaky sink or two in your own house? Capable of putting up painter’s take in a perfectly straight line? You will be the one home and business owners call when faced with a small (or larger) calamity. These days, finding someone reliable to handle tasks homeowners lack the time (and skill) for is extremely difficult. You can do many things, like fixing a doorknob, changing a filter, or painting windowsills, without lifelong learning experiences. All it takes is being, well, handy.

40. Nanny

Sure, it may seem like babysitting, but today’s nannies fill in for parents doing tasks like picking up kids from school, making snacks, taking them to the park or on play dates, helping with homework, etc. You will likely need to sign up with an agency to get referrals, or perhaps you already know a family that could use a helping hand. This is an excellent part-time opportunity because it is typically after-school and some evening hours. Nannies make significantly more money an hour than babysitters of days gone by.

41. Food Truck Owner

Back in the day, food trucks were associated with run down carnivals and aging county fairs. They tended to offer only greasy food – think burgers and soggy fries – and food was generally unhealthy and not at all tasty. Fast forward to today’s food trucks, known for gourmet cuisine like fish tacos, lobster mac and cheese or strawberry cheesecake. There are even food truck festivals where the eateries on wheels are the main attraction. Dig out those old family recipes, figure out how to scale them up for larger crowds, find a pre-owned truck and get licensed by the health dept. This is a fantastic part-time job because many events are on weekends. Bonus: you can have your meals at work and never need to cook at home.

42. Party Planner

Always been the life of the party? Do you know what it takes to make unique and memorable? Are you super organized? Party planners take all the stress away from throwing a birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement or holiday event. You can market your services to companies to handle their corporate gatherings. Get to know various vendors for décor ranging from helium balloons to floral centerpieces. Find the best restaurants and bakeries for the menu items. Plan to attend yourself to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. This is a part-time job that will be actually enjoyable by party-loving people, and as a side benefit, you can eat the leftovers.

43. Tour Guide

Even if you don’t live near Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon, chances are good there are is some significant history or architectural beauty or even wineries near your hometown. If you’re near a major city, help visitors figure out the perplexing layout of streets or find the coveted shopping district. Take a small group on a hike through the state park. Be creative! Research local lore and to a ghost hunting tour after dark. Lots of people want to visit military sites or historic homes. Get some second hand bikes and offer bicycle tours. Make a foodie tour with stops at favorite bakeries for cupcakes or taverns for craft beer. Whatever strikes your fancy, chances are good it will appeal to many other people, especially visitors to your local region.

44. Car Repair

Most people lack the skills to do something as basic as changing their oil, but if you know your way around an engine and an exhaust system, your services will be in high demand. Lots of people are too busy to get their car to a dealer or service place during work hours, and most shops aren’t even open weekends.

If you’ve been fixing your own car for years and have both the know-how and the tools, this is one part-time gig that could quickly kick into high gear and become your full-time career. Let people drop their vehicle off at your home garage and give them an estimate of what it will cost and when the work will be completed. Typical auto repair hourly rates are upwards of $125 an hour, so don’t be afraid to charge a rate that will make this job worth your time. You can expect to soon be driving home steady profits!

45. Uber

Let’s face it, most people are sick and tired of driving themselves around, both for work and for recreational time. Uber has become part of everyone’s daily life, something they rely on to make their days easier. You have numerous options when it comes to being an Uber driver. If you live near an airport, start your own shuttle service. Work weekend nights only bringing people to and from downtown nightlife venues safely. If you don’t want to work nights, be on call during the day to drive people to meetings, lunch or friend and family’s homes. There are regulations about the age of your vehicle, so check your local Uber service provider. Tip: add extras like bottled water or hand wipes in the back seat for passengers. You’ll earn better tips for the personalized service.

Good luck with your new part-time job!

  • Nice list. I have another to add that's almost as easy to do as going for a daily walk! I clean up litter from outside commercial properties on foot using simple hand tools. I started doing this in 1981 as a side gig and grew it into a lucrative full-time business that I still operate today. I share my experience in my book, Cleanlots, as well as offer free support.

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