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Make $100 Fast: 37 Ways To Make Quick Money!

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Written by Ryan Scribner
Updated on February 15, 2019

37 Ways To Make $100 Fast!

It’s Thursday and you have dinner plans with friends over the weekend, but you overspent your paycheck and can’t even afford an appetizer.

Or maybe it’s the day before your significant other’s birthday, and you’ve yet to grab a gift.

A hundred bucks may not seem like an enormous amount of money, but when you’re short on cash, it’s worth its weight in gold. Even if you aren't in a pinch, who is going to turn down a crisp $100 bill?

So, if your reaching for your wallet and finding it empty, here are some quick and seemingly effortlessly ways to come up with $100 fast cash today.

Everyone needs money in a hurry from time-to-time. While quick cash won’t make you rich, it can help you get out of a bind or pay down debt.

To help you get started, I’ve put together a practical list of 37 ways you can make $100 (or more!) fast. With so many ideas included, you should be able to find at least a few that will make you money today.

1. Open a new checking account with a bank offering a sign-up bonus.

This can be one of the easiest ways to make $100 fast. Many banks offer great perks such as cash back when you open a new checking account. Some will kick back as much as $200 per account. Read the fine print, however, there may be caveats such as time parameters in which you must leave the account open. Others may require you set up direct deposit for your paychecks. Whatever the strings attached, this is free and instant money that’s yours for the taking. You may even be able to sign up online, or better yet, visit the bank and walk out with your money clip with something to actually clip.

2. Rent out a room, or even your backyard, with a home rental company.

Airbnb is the best known, but there are plenty more out there. You can rent a room to someone for $100 a night who needs a roof over their head, or you can lease out your lot for picnics, reunions and even wedding receptions. Make the most of what you’ve got, because odds are there are people out there willing to pay for it.

3. Resell unused gift cards.

Come on, we all have them. Those little plastic cards worth $25 for a store where you never shop, or a restaurant where you believe you once got food poisoning. Dig down deep in your dresser or junk drawer and you’re sure to find them. Call the 1-800 number to get the value and sell them on Craig’s or CardPool. No, you probably won’t get full face value of the gift cards, but you’re likely to get a decent percentage of the value. Best of all, the giver of the card won’t ever know the difference. Scour your room for your unused gift cards and you could come up with $100 fast cash in no time!

4. Hustle some stuff to a consignment shop.

Furniture and gently used clothing are some of the hottest things being bought and sold at this type of shops. Hey, the latest look is vintage, and if you’ve got leather belts and backpacks with peace signs and toe socks circa 2000, chances are good someone will pay top dollar for it. This option for quick cash may take advance planning, as your items could sell right off the rack, or in a week or more.

5. Sell your old iPad, Mac or cell phone.

Turn to the trusty old Craig’s list or any free want ad publication and list that electronic gear you tossed in a drawer when you upgraded. Set a fair price or even consider a BOGO to get rid of stuff fast.

6. Wash your neighbor’s car.

Or, wash your neighbor’s dog. This one is pretty self explanatory. Grab the hose and a bucket and start knocking on doors! At $20 a wash, you could come up with $100 in an afternoon of work.

7. Deliver groceries.

Put out flyers near homes where people clearly have the money to pay someone for this. Get their grocery lists, do the shopping, and deliver while the frozen peas are still, well, frozen. Charge a decent hourly rate or flat fee, and don’t forget to hold your hand out for a tip!

8. Sell your old gold jewelry or silverware.

Have a gold chain that no longer clasps? Or a few pieces of tarnished silverware? Look up gold dealers near you, and ask them to weigh the pieces in front of you rather than in a back room. If you don’t feel like you’re getting a fair deal, there are plenty of other places out there buying gold and silver.

9. Become a personal taxi driver.

Everyone you know uses Uber, but those who joined as drivers say they’re glad they did. Sites like Uber and Lyft can be extremely lucrative and the sign-up process can take as little time as a few days. Even better, you can set your own schedule, working nights or weekends is especially good. Stock water bottles or other treats in your back seat for your passengers and you could pocket that $100 fast in a couple of trips, plus tips.

10. Have a tag sale.

Pick a weekend where sun is expected – or, in case of rain, have a garage sale. People who host tag sales say the hardest part is pricing every single item, so consider putting everything up as “best offer.” Everything sells at tag sales: beach chairs, umbrella holders, old bikes, jump ropes, wicker baskets, baby clothes and toys, dishes and bath towels. After a long day’s selling, you are likely to have a few hundred bucks in your pocket.

11. Sell your old violin.

Or clarinet. Or whatever you made your parents buy you in middle school that you took lessons for but never practiced the way you should have. Musical instruments are fetching top dollar nowadays. For the best revenues, contact music stores and see what they’re willing to pay for that old mandolin. Just dust it off first.

12. Make homemade crafts and post on Etsy.

This eclectic, artsy site proves that there’s a market for ANYTHING. Sew some doll pillows. Crochet a baby cap. Knit some mittens. Get some dried flowers and hot glue into a wreath. Design birthday and anniversary cards. You name it, there are people out there with no talent whatsoever willing to pay for your time and effort.

13. Volunteer for overtime at work.

You know when your boss asks the team on a Friday afternoon if anyone wants to stay late? Take a holiday or weekend shift no one else wants to work and you’ll be richer and better friends with all your colleagues. Bonus if you get overtime pay. You will make $100 in no time at all!

14. Collect and sell scrap metal.

Get up-to-the-minute cash value online and find a scrap dealer near you. You would be amazed what people simply throw away! Post an ad on Craigslist for free scrap metal disposal.

15. Make referrals.

Most banks and doctor’s offices offer cash kick backs when you refer friends and family to their businesses.

Check out our Affiliate Marketing Guide to learn more!

16. Baby sit or house sit.

For both these jobs, you can practically set your own rate. This is one gig that has to be given due diligence, so don’t host a party at the apartment you’re watching or fall asleep watching tv after the kids you’re sitting go to bed. Be professional. Then ask them to refer YOU to others.

17. Walk the neighbors dog.

Think of this as a way to get in your workout without even having to hit the gym, a way to get some fresh air, and also a way to earn a good wage. This could easily become a regular gig.

18. Sell bottled water.

Live near a beach? Strip mall? Sports field? Anywhere that draws people in on hot days is a great spot for bottled water sales. Fill a cooler with ice, lug it out to a prime spot, and bingo, fast sales, here they come.

19. Sell photos online.

Places like Shutterstock will pay top dollar every time they use your original photographs.

20. Return unworn clothing.

You knew it was a smart idea to keep the receipts, right? Most stores will happily accept returns on items if you have the receipts. If they offer store credit only, take that and run with it…all the way to an online sale of the gift card for nearly all of its face value.

21. Put your makeup skills to work.

Tout your services for an all girl’s birthday party or paint nails for a wedding.

22. Balloon sculpt.

Take in a few online tutorials, arm yourself with balloons, grab a clown nose, and rent out your services for parties and community events. Extra credit if you wear the oversized clown shoes.

23. Clean a house.

Come on, you can do it once or twice, maybe even find a family member who will hire you so you know what you’re getting into. For a few hours work, a stiff back from scrubbing sinks and a wet jet, you could easily pocket more than $100 in a day.

24. Write review articles for blogs.

If you own a lot of new technology products, you can set yourself up to do product reviews on blogs. Then, you can earn a commission by referring sales to Amazon. Be sure to be familiar with the product or you will look silly and your credibility will be lost.

25. Start a painting service.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, painting is a fantastic money maker! Interior painters are hard to come by, and good ones are in high demand. Consider targeting your market, such as approaching home sellers who may want to get the walls repainted before putting it on the market.

26. Help a friend with moving.

Become a weekend mover. Go to the places locally where people rent vehicles to move themselves. Movers are also in very high demand. Set a fair hourly wage or an all-day rate, and with good service, you can also earn decent tips. Most people would be willing to toss you a quick $100 for a day of moving help.

27. Mow lawns or shovel snow.

Need we say more? Pro tip: start with the elderly people in the neighborhood. They need the help! Print out some flyers and hit the pavement.

28. Set up computers and electronics.

Many people know what they want – or have a store salesperson sell them what they think they want – but lack the time and patience and know-how to set the damn thing up. You could easily charge $100 a pop for this service. Leave them your contact info in case they need help in the future.

29. Become a mystery shopper.

Check online for companies that actually pay people to shop or have a meal, just for taking a survey afterwards about the items or services they tried.

30. Clean carpets.

This is as simple as renting a steamer at the local grocer and cleaning as many carpets as you can in an 8-hour rental window. It’s labor intensive work, but that’s why people pay others big bucks to do it for them. Again, with the right service, you can expect tips.

31. Bartend for an event.

Most parties offer primarily beer and wine and perhaps a few cocktails that you can practice and learn how to mix. Hint: after a few drinks, no one will notice if you use tequila instead of vodka. Next hint: Put out a very large tip jar.

32. Give haunted tours in October.

In towns like Salem, people go in droves in the autumn season to experience the spookiness of ghost stories told by a tour guide. Read up on local history and find sites where interesting things have gone bump in the night, or where historical events happened for all those history buffs. Let people reserve spots in small groups for after-dark tours. Supply candles for even more ambiance. Bonus points for paying a friend to dress in zombie camo and jump out from behind the bushes at one of the scary stops.

33. Referee.

A great gig for sports fans, this can become an exceptional side hustle.

34. Rent out your garage.

Live in the snow belt? Tons of people would happily pay top dollar to park their car safely inside during snow and ice storms. Or, they would like to store their Corvette for the Winter!

35. Write resumes.

Post your flyer on college bulletin boards. Make a template to work off, then spend some time with each client drawing out their unique strengths and talents. Think of it this way, you’re not only furthering yourself, but you’re helping someone else along in their career.

36. Clean gutters.

Yet another task people would gladly pay other people to do. For the most customers, spread word of your services in fall when slimy leaves clutter the gutter.

37. Take down holiday lights.

Everyone loves setting up the strings of lights, oversized candy canes and snowmen, but then it’s January 2 and no one can deal with the post-holiday blues. Help ease their pain by taking down and packing up their holiday lights displays.

You get the idea, almost anything you own, know or can do is a viable money-maker. Brainstorm the things you’d rather pay someone else to do, then become that doer!

Remember, you should try to avoid being in a pinch in the future. If you end up short on cash and searching for ways to make $100 quick, you might want to consider how you got into this situation in the first place. For more money making ideas, check out our blog on 20 ways to make $100 a day online.

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