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28 Ways To Make FREE Money Fast! (In 2020)

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Written by Ryan Scribner
Updated on April 14, 2020

How To Make Free Money

Let’s face it, most of us are scrambling for cash at one point or another.

Being creative is a fantastic way to bring in a few extra bucks. Even if it’s a small amount at a time, it will quickly add up. All it takes is a little time and effort.

Here are some money-making ideas that many people would not think of because they are outside the box!

These are some of the fastest ways to earn some free money for that much needed vacation, or to pay some of those bills that are stacking up.

1. Open A Brokerage Account

If you aren't familiar, you use a brokerage account to invest in the stock market.

When you buy and sell shares, you do so through a brokerage account. It is kind of like buying a car... You don't call up Ford to buy a car, you go to a Ford dealer! These brokerages are simply stock dealers.

A lot of these brokerages are looking to acquire new customers, and some even give you a free stock just for signing up. Here's a few options:

Webull gives you a free stock just for opening an account. Then, if you fund the account with $100 or more (on your initial deposit) you get a 2nd free stock!

Robinhood gives you 1 free stock just for opening an account. 

If you sign up for both Robinhood and Webull, you can get 2 stocks completely free without even depositing any money! These brokerages do not charge any fees, and there are no minimum opening balances or maintenance balances.

It is truly free money in the form of stocks. If you want, you can sell the stocks and cash out as soon as you get them.

2. Buy Bitcoin

Here's another way to get some free money.

Coinbase is a popular app for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. While they do not offer a sign up incentive, they do offer a great deal on your first purchase.

If you use this link and purchase $100 worth of Bitcoin, you will get an additional $10 worth of Bitcoin 100% free! 

Then, if you want to, you can sell all of the Bitcoin and cash out to make off like a bandit with your found money.

3. Cancel Unused Subscriptions/Negotiate Payments

You may not heard of this app before, but it was designed to save you money.

Trim reviews your finances and exactly where your money is going. It will prompt you about subscriptions ranging from the cooking magazine you never read to the gym membership you signed up for but never use. Trim’s services also include spending analysis and budgeting tools to keep your budget on track how you’re doing for the month.

This app also offers a bill negotiation service. If they think they can save you money on your internet bill, for example, they will reach out on your behalf and negotiate. If they are able to get a better rate, they keep 25% of the savings and you keep 75%!

They do not charge anything for the bill negotiation service!

4. Teach English Online

Here's an interesting way to make some extra money from home.

VIPKid is an online service that pairs students from China with tutors here in the US interested in teaching English. These tutors are paid on average $19 per hour!

You will basically set up your own mini classroom at home with props and different learning aids. You can teach as often or as little as you like in small one on one or group sessions. This allows you the flexibility to work when you want and where you want!

Another option, which offers this opportunity in the UK, is Education First.

As an added benefit, this is a money making opportunity you can feel good about as you are helping children learn English allowing them to have better opportunities.

5. Rent A Spare Room On Airbnb

Airbnb is another great way to make a few bucks. I tried this out last Summer and I ended up making about $1,000 by listing my spare bedroom for a month or so.

In fact, we wrote an entire beginner's guide on Airbnb hosting!

Spend a little time brainstorming what makes your space unique. Perhaps you’re near a tourist area, college, beach, state park or ski mountain. Not sure what your space is worth? An Airbnb earnings calculator can help you figure out what’s a good competitive price.

Sure, there’s effort involved with this, such as cleaning up between guests, but you can charge anywhere from $50 on up for a night’s stay. Don’t forget to tack on a cleaning fee to add to your profit!

6. Sell A Course Online

If you have skills in a certain area, and you aren't camera shy, why not put together an online course?

People from all over the world will be able to purchase your course (or membership site for recurring revenue!) and learn new and valuable skills. People create courses on a variety of topics like fishing, knitting, budgeting and even dating.

I have personally been selling courses online since 2017 and this has earned me over $100,000. 

Teachable is by far the best platform for hosting, selling and managing your online course or membership site. They provide you with all the tools that you will need. All you do is create the lectures, and they handle all the leg work for you!

7. Open A Checking Account

Many banks offer great welcome bonuses such as cash back when you open a new checking account.

Some will kick back as much as $200 to $400 per new account.

Read the fine print, however, since there may be specific requirements such as time parameters that you must leave the account open. Certain people may decide to keep this account open (that’s what lending institutions are hoping for), but others take the bonus, meet the requirements and close it at a later date.

Some banks have a rule that you must set up direct deposit for your paychecks. Whatever the requirements, this is free and instant money that’s yours for the taking. You may even be able to sign up online, which takes even less time than visiting a bank in person.

Or, simply switching from a low yield savings account to a high yield savings account can be the source of some found money. Most brick and mortar banks pay a paltry interest rate, since they have so much overhead!

Betterment offers a great online savings account paying an above average APY that far exceeds most traditional banks. Since they have no physical branches, they pass the savings along to you in the form of higher interest payments!

8. Unclaimed Funds

This little-known gem could rake an any amount of cash – it’s like a surprise gift!

What happens here is when companies – any company, ranging from insurance to utilities – can’t find you, your refund goes into unclaimed funds. It’s exceedingly simple to check if you’re owed any money.

Just log onto your state’s Comptroller’s Office and type in your name. It takes just seconds for the search to be completed. I recently went into unclaimed funds and found there was $45 for a medical refund I never even knew I had coming to me.

Plug in your current information on how they can reach you, and a check will be coming your way. Again, it’s impossible to guess how much you may have in unclaimed funds, but it’s well worth the couple of minutes to check it out!

9. Sell Unused Gift Cards

If you’re like me, you have gift cards collecting dust in a dresser drawer or tucked away forgotten in your wallet. Maybe Aunt Helen gave you a gift card for a store you’ll never go shopping, or you have a restaurant card from your sister for a place you never frequent.

Cardpool could be a great solution! Simply plug in the amount of the gift card and the place it’s from. You will get an offer on the card right away.

Another option is listing the card on Craigslist. It may not be the full-face value, but it’s money in your wallet. I recently sold a $50 gas card for $40.

Isn’t it a good time to clean out your dresser and weed unused cards from your wallet anyway?

10. Class Action Lawsuits

This is something very few people think about to make a few extra bucks. You may have been overcharged by a utility company, or purchased a product later found to be ineffective.

These suits bring enormous groups of people together in a claim against the companies. Who knows, there could be several suits out there you qualify for, and they could bring an unknown amount of money your way once they are settled in court.

Top Class Actions maintains a list of the current class action lawsuits you may be able to participate in.

11. Review Apps/Websites

UserTesting is a great way to earn money giving feedback on websites or apps.

After you sign up, you spend a few minutes reviewing the site or app, then give your feedback and opinions about its user-friendliness.

This is a valuable tool for clients that include Facebook, Home Depot and Wayfair. As a tester, you can earn up to $60 per test.

For every 20 minute test you complete, you get paid $10 via PayPal!

12. Rent Out Your Yard

If you have an expansive, picturesque backyard, it could be the perfect setting for picnics, reunions and even wedding receptions.

Consider renting out your yard for the day and make sure your renters are responsible for set-up and clean-up. Make the most of what you’ve got, because odds are there are people out there willing to pay for it.

The property I currently live in was used for multiple weddings! The previous owner had a number of weddings and events in the yard that put some extra cash in his pocket.

13. Rent Storage In Your Garage/Shed/Barn

Let’s face it, most of us are hoarders at heart and can’t bear to part with household items and furniture when we downsize. Instead of a unit in a storage complex, people would be relieved to stash their stuff safely in your garage.

Or maybe you live in the snowbelt where the last thing people want to do is clear snow off their car after a storm. Maybe they have a small boat or a couple of motorcycles. You name it, people will pay top dollar for the space and security knowing you will be keeping an eye on their belongings.

Neighbor is aiming to become the "Airbnb of self storage." You can host your storage space online, and people can book your space for temporary or long term storage! This is often at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage units.

14. Consignment

You can bring things you never wear to a consignment shop and earn a few bucks.

Furniture and gently used clothing are some of the hottest things being bought and sold at this type of shop. Remember, items that went out of style a couple decades ago are now called vintage. You can earn cash from scouring your closet for castaways.

Poshmark is a great site where you can list your clothing, footwear and accessories for sale and take bids. Designer items are especially popular on this busy site.

15. Sell Old Electronics

Craigslist is a great venue, or look into any free want ad publication and list that electronic gear you tossed in a drawer when you upgraded.

A lot of people have a junk drawer with old phones, iPods and electronics they are no longer using. You might not get top dollar for models that are a few years old, but if it isn't providing you any value this could be an easy source for found money.

Make sure you do a factory reset and delete your personal files before selling or donating old electronics!

16. Deliver Groceries

Tons of people are willing to pay because they lack the time to grocery shop. Or, they work long hours and don’t have the energy to fill a cart with dinner items.

You can put out flyers near homes where people clearly have the money to pay someone for this. Get their grocery lists, do the shopping, and make sure you choose the freshest broccoli and peaches (or whatever is on their list).

Deliver within their time frame and charge a decent hourly rate or flat fee. You can also expect to earn good tips for this service.

Instacart is a service that does exactly this. People can order groceries through the app and then you get paid for doing the shopping and delivering the goods! You can make anywhere from $10 to $17 per hour delivering with this service.

17. Drive For Lyft/Uber

Everyone you know uses Uber, but those who’ve joined as drivers say they’re glad they did.

Gigs like Uber and Lyft can be extremely lucrative, and the sign-up process is simple: you go onto the site, enter your information, including a copy of your driver’s license and proof of car insurance.

Yes, you will need a clean license to become a driver. That said, getting approved can take as little as a day or two.

You can set your own schedule; working nights or weekends is especially good. You can also choose the area where you prefer to drive.

Consider driving your car near airports or train stations, or busy downtowns with lots of commuters. The app will automatically offer more riders near the area you are located, so there’s not a lot of wasted time driving aimlessly around.

Need a break for lunch? Turn off the app (there’s no penalty) and grab a burger. Then turn it back on to start driving again. The app indicates busy locations, so if you’re in a spot where there aren’t any hits, you can drive toward the busy place to pick up more passengers.

Geographically challenged? The app gives precise directions to get riders to their destination. Remember to be friendly! You may also want to stock water bottles or phone chargers in your back seat for your passengers to optimize tips.

18. Have A Garage Sale

People who host tag sales say the hardest part is pricing every single item, so consider putting things up as “best offer.”

Everything sells at garage sales: beach chairs, dishes, glassware, bikes, wicker baskets, baby clothes and toys, tables and chairs and bath towels. Consider teaming up with neighbors to hold the sale on the same weekend to encourage foot traffic.

Put the nicest items near the curb to attract people that drive by to consider if it’s worth getting out of their car to browse.

You should also contact your town or city to see if they have a designated garage sale weekend to ensure peak foot traffic!

19. Sell Homemade Crafts

This extremely popular site offers crafty people a venue to sell just about anything that can be handmade. Sew some doll clothes. Monogram bath towels. Crochet a baby cap. Knit some mittens. Get a bunch of dried flowers and hot glue into a wreath. Design birthday and anniversary cards.

Miniature items are especially popular these days. Come up with something unusual, and you will find there are people out there with no time or talent happy to pay for your time and effort.

Etsy is a popular site where you can sell your own homemade crafts on your own online store!

20. Sell Old Musical Instruments

Maybe you have a clarinet, or violin or even a piano from your younger days that you always wanted to learn but never put in the time and energy to practice.

Musical instruments are fetching top dollar nowadays. The best way to start off is to contact music stores and see what they’re willing to pay for that old flute. If that doesn’t work, try Craigslist or eBay.

If you find that your used instruments have very little value, consider donating the instruments to a local school or club that has a music program!

21. Babysit

Babysitting is one of the oldest, tried and true ways to make some extra cash.

Care is a great site where you can find a babysitter or be listed as a babysitter in a given area! They do collect fees or this service, so you may be better off going on Craigslist or passing out flyers in your local neighborhood.

You may want to consider getting a CPR Certificate or a list of references to put parents at ease while they have a date night.

22. Start Walking Dogs

Think of this as a way to get in your workout without even having to hit the gym, a way to get some fresh air, and also a way to earn a good wage. This could easily become a regular gig.

Wag is a great site to find a dog walker or become a walker yourself. The average walker makes around $17.50 per walk. 

Keep in mind that Wag will be charging a fee for this service, so you may want to consider the door to door approach or distributing flyers.

23. Sell Bottles Of Water

Live near a beach? Strip mall? Sports field? Anywhere that draws people in on hot days is a great spot for bottled water sales.

Fill a cooler with ice, lug it out to a prime spot, and thirsty patrons will head your way.

Heads up, you should probably contact your local town or city to make sure you do not need a permit to do this! Some areas do require a permit in order to be a vendor. Still, a case of water is often less than $5 and you can sell bottles for $1 a pop or more. 

24. Offer House Cleaning

It’s not as difficult as it sounds. You can mop a floor, sweep a kitchen and vacuum carpet.

For a few hours work, a stiff back from scrubbing sinks and the cost of a Swiffer, you could easily pocket more than $100 in a day.

Your best bet is circulating flyers or knocking on doors. You could also ask friends and family members if they know anyone looking for cleaning services!

Handy has a service where you can book a one time cleaning, meaning you do not have to commit to a schedule. You can also apply to be listed as a cleaner on this website.

25. Affiliate Marketing

If you own a lot of new technology products, you can set yourself up to do product reviews on blogs.

Be sure to be familiar with the product or you will not be a reliable source of info. That is exactly what we do with this blog here! We provide useful reviews and comparisons of different brokerage accounts and earn a few dollars each time someone uses our links.

Amazon Associates is the best place to get started with affiliate marketing. You can start out by writing reviews or creating video reviews of products you own. Amazon allows you to earn a commission on just about any product currently for sale on their site!

26. Offer Moving Help

Another great way to make a few bucks, and stay in shape, is to become a weekend mover.

Be smart: put flyers in mailboxes of houses with For Sale signs.

Go to the places locally where people rent vehicles to move themselves. Movers are in very high demand. Set a fair hourly wage or an all-day rate, and with good service, you can also earn decent tips.

Hire A Helper is a site where you can enlist the help of a mover for jobs big and small. You can also have your moving service listed on the site for a fee.

27. Build Websites For Businesses

It may come easy to you, but many people have no idea know what to do when they open the box and take out their new computer. Let alone, building a website!

Also, small businesses frequently hire out to techie people to design a relatively simple website. Always ask them for referrals for a steady stream of clients.

Wix makes it stupid easy to create a great website, but your customers don't need to know that! You can easily put together a website on Wix or other site builders in a matter of a few hours, and business owners may be willing to pay hundreds of dollars for these sites! 

28. Resume Writing

If you are good at writing, post your flyer on college bulletin boards. Make a template to work off, then spend some time with each client drawing out their unique strengths and talents. Think of it this way, you’re not only furthering yourself, but you’re helping someone else along in their career.

Do some research on the most frequently asked interview questions and help the job seeker polish their answers confidently.

Fiverr is also a great site for offering a gig like resume writing. You may have to start out charging $10 or so, but as the reviews come in and you build credibility, you can charge more!

If you have some free time and are motivated to put a few extra bucks in your pocket, there are plenty of venues out there to get you started.

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